Waterfall in San Ramon

About 5k down the road from the LA OMAJA, in the neighbouring community of San Ramon, begins the 3k hike up the volcano Maderas to the local waterfall born from the volcano’s cloud forest. Dropping 90 meters, the cool waters of the San Ramon waterfall offer a refreshing finish at the trail´s end. A hike to the waterfall in San Ramón can be done in a number of ways. The more physically aggressive can walk from the hotel Omaja directly to the waterfall. This walk/hike takes about 4-5 hours round-trip. Another option for people who desire less vigorous physical activity is to take either a horse, or taxi from the hotel. A taxi can take you to within a kilometer of the waterfall and the horses even closer. The hike up the last kilometer does require light to moderate physical exertion. At a leisurely pace, it takes about one hour to hike up to the waterfall and another 30-40 minutes down. Please note that good shoes are required and that at some point you will probably get your feet wet. Feel free to bathe in the waterfall once you reach the top, as contrary to some popular publications, the water is not used for personal consumption below. To access the waterfall you must pass through the property of the Biological Station in San Ramon. The owner of this property charges $3 per person at the roadside entrance.