The island of Ometepe offers a multitude of activities and adventures, and at LA OMAJA, we make it easy for you to enjoy all of the island’s possibilities. Conveniently located on the Maderas side of the island, where the majority of the tourist attractions are located, LA OMAJA makes an ideal base from which to explore Ometepe. From LA OMAJA you can venture to the stunning waterfall at San Ramón, the Petroglyphs in Santa Cruz, or a small coffee cooperative in Finca Magdalena. Explore the river Istian by Kayak, catch some sun on one of the local beaches or enjoy an invigorating swim in the cool waters of the Ojo de Agua (The Eye of Water),a natural fresh-water spring.From the physically challenging hike up the volcano Maderas to a more leisurely afternoon relaxing in your hammock, there is something for everyone at LA OMAJA. The more active person may enjoy walking, hiking, biking or kayaking, while others may prefer to explore the island on horseback, motorcycle, or in a taxi. Below is a more in-depth look at the available activities:

Waterfall in San Ramon

scs-31-57-2 About 5k down the road from the LA OMAJA, in the neighbouring community of San Ramon, begins the 3k hike up the volcano Maderas to the local waterfall born from the volcano’s cloud forest. Dropping 90 meters, the cool waters of the San Ramon waterfall offer a refreshing finish at the trail´s end…
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River Istian

istian A guided kayak tour with a bilingual guide educated on Ometepe’s flora and fauna is truly a unique experience. The remarkable Istian estuary offers a wonderful opportunity to see monkeys, caimans, turtles, and innumerable varieties of birds and flora. For those who love to kayak, you can kayak…
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Volcano Maderas

madreas Only for the truly adventurous and physically-fit, the 8-10 hour guided tour up the dormant Volcano Maderas takes you up through the Maderas Cloud Forest Reserve to the volcano’s lagoon-filled crater, 1,300 meters above sea level. Unrivalled views from various lookout points and exotic tropical…
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Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water)

ey For a more relaxing afternoon, take a tour to the Ojo de Agua. The “Ojo de Agua” or “The Eye of Water,” is a local swimming hole located in a natural forest setting. The pool is filled by the cool waters of a natural, freshwater spring before flowing into a river that eventually makes its way to…
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Ometepe Beaches

beaches Being an island, there is no shortage of beaches on Ometepe. Several black volcanic sand beaches can be found in Merida within walking distance from the hotel. You can relax on one of these nearby beaches and swim in the fresh water Lake Cocibolca, also know as Lake Nicaragua. Another option are…
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Petroglyphs / Coffee Farm at Finca Magdalena

coffee LA OMAJA can also arrange trips to the petroglyphs and coffee farm at Finca Magdalena. This tour also requires private transportation and can be done in conjunction with the tour to Ojo de Agua or Santo Domingo. Finca Magdalena is a coffee farm run by a local co-operative. They grow and sell…
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Bona Fide Organic Farm

farm Just down the road from the Coffee Farm at Finca Magdalena is the Bona Fide, an operation dedicated to organic horticulture. There you can receive an educational tour from Chris, the proprietor and well-respected permaculture professor. All tours here require reservations as Chris is often…
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Culiacan’s Secret Moonshine Tour

moonshine Not that long ago Ometepe was a very isolated place, with boats passing by only once every 14 days. Things like beer and rum were difficult to come by and many locals made their own rice-based moonshine. With the influx of commercial beer and rum, the art has been all but lost. However, there…
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We can also arrange combination tours to include a combination of some of the aforementioned activities by taxi or by boat.

There are also possibilities for those who would like to volunteer in the community. Opportunities depend upon the current projects in progress, a volunteer’s skill set and length of stay.